Performance Consulting

You perform for a living. Whether in the boardroom, on the field, onstage, or in the studio your job is to be at your best. But it’s hard to be “in the zone” with all the distractions of professional and personal life.


Medina Group’s Performance Consulting helps you identify your strengths and use them to reduce barriers to peak performance—no matter your field. Through consultation and assessment, we collaborate to identify custom-tailored solutions using evidence-based models like Dialectical Behavioral therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as simple breathing techniques and meditation.


Performance Consulting for professionals, athletes, artists, and musicians examines your stress responses and works to re-pattern your behaviors yielding peak performance on and off the field. We also address challenges that arise from personal relationships and how they impact your performance.


When appropriate, we explore work-based relationships and how they affect your ability to reach goals; we work to reduce self-destructive behaviors; and we remove barriers to the creative process.


Medina Group’s Performance Consulting is designed to help you live a balanced, sustainable, and rewarding life.

I have collaborated with Jason many times over ten years in various cross-disciplinary ventures. He understands how to wrangle the best you, in the worst of circumstances. In my case, it was often writer's block or just being challenged by the vagaries of being an artist. Jason has many strengths, but his most valuable one is his adaptability. He is able to separate the individual from the "problem," taking a people-aren't-the-problem,-problems-are-the-problem sort of approach, which is the most humane way to engage a human being.”

—Malik Isasis, Filmmaker

Jason Medina has been a mentor, collaborator, and a role model to me. The work he does with adjudicated youth inspires me as a teacher. He focuses on whole family. He understands it takes all participants involved to move through a challenging situation, and he reliably has creative solutions. Jason listens to the intentions of people and speaks from the heart. He is also so generous of spirit. His keen intuition and refined knowledge make him an incredible collaborator. At the end of the day, he is fulfilled when others find themselves to be content.”

—Eli Keltz, M.Ed.