Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Consulting

Jason Medina, MA, LMHC has over 10 years of experience working as a family therapist, program manager, supervisor, parole/probation officer, and consultant for child welfare and Juvenile Justice organizations implementing Functional Family Therapy (FFT) and case management models. These evidence-based programs offer practical skills and a sound framework for working with families under a wide spectrum of court-referred supervision, including issues of abuse, neglect, trauma, substance abuse, violence, criminal activity, domestic violence, mental health diagnosis, and more.

Functional Family Therapy programs have a 40-year history of proven results with lower risk clients addressing At-Risk Youth (ARY) and Child in Need of Services (CHINS) petitions and with those who have been in and out of the system for multiple generations.  Acting as an independent consultant, Jason can now provide consultation and support for the implementation and maintenance of evidence-informed case management and family therapy programs.

Medina Group Consulting offers consultation, support, and training in engaging challenging and resistant populations; negotiating cultural difference, cultural competency, and inclusion; addressing risk factors for parents and youth; increasing protective factors; and working toward sustainable outcomes with difficult client populations. He can also help you identify what programs are right for your agency, prepare and manage the implementation process, and design quality assurance and quality improvement measures.

Jason Medina has been our trainer and consultant for FFP Services within our county for the last three years. He has been a great support in our implementation of FFP Services. His knowledge and expertise around evidence-based practices in the child welfare system has been superb. Jason brings positive energy and has command over the materials that he trains. His engagement skills and ability to motivate staff during weekly consultation is top notch.”

—Ryan Trautsch, Children, Youth & Families Program Manager

Rock County Human Services Department

My experience with Jason has been nothing but excellence. Jason has a way of delivering information in a manner that is easy to understand. He gets right to the point of the matter. His range of knowledge and views of dealing with families has been inspirational. I am constantly quoting him when I’m instructing others.

Jason has been supportive to me when no one else believed I could accomplish the task. He has a way of seeing beyond the surface where others do not look.

To work with Jason is to gain knowledge and understanding that will only serve to make you the best clinician/consultant you could ever imagine.

What I have learned from Jason, I will carry with me in all aspects of my life. “Thank you” is just not enough.”

—Ms. Dee Mayfield, FFT-CW Interventionist Supervisor/Consultant

There are really no words to describe how instrumental Jason has been in the development of my career. Jason has been an exceptional teacher, listener, and motivator throughout my years of working with him. The amount of knowledge that I have gained has resulted in better quality of service for families and kept me anchored to the mission of the program. A great supervisor is not one who just gets the job done but is able to build future leaders, and Jason has helped me to do that. Jason’s clinical guidance and encouragement will stay with me throughout my career. He rocks!”

—Crystal Mothersill, MSW, FFTCW Interventionist Supervisor

Jason is my mentor. He has remained consistent, dedicated and encouraging throughout my entire professional career. Jason was able to cultivate my fiery and ambitious characteristics into skills and talents that allowed me to experience success as a clinician, supervisor and teacher. Under his tutelage, I have been able to channel my passion to help families remain together by developing the clinical skills of other young budding professionals. They say imitation is a biggest form of flattery and all my successes are a testament of my admiration of Jason.”

—Rashida Gordon, MSW, FFTCW Interventionist Supervisor