Relationship Consulting

Sustainable, fulfilling relationships with friends, family, and colleagues are what matters in life—your relationships define who you are. Your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors affect your relationships.

Medina Group’s Relationship Consulting takes a systemic approach. We believe that behaviors exist in the context of our relationships. We help you explore your relationships so that you can better understand the barriers in your life—and find solutions to them.

Our evidence-informed, strength-based therapy is available for families, couples, and individuals. We address interpersonal problems associated with communication, cultural difference, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, trauma history, stress and conflict management, and more.

We offer family therapy for families who seek balanced and fulfilling relationships with one another.  We offer cognitive behavioral solutions to communication problems, anger management, parenting skills, developmental challenges, negative peer influence, family bonding, depression, anxiety, and other interpersonal barriers to the relationships you hope for. We can help address problems in school, at home, or in the workplace.

We offer couples counseling for couples who are ready to engage in rewarding partnership with one another. We serve couples who are just starting out on their path together and want to develop a strong foundation as well as those who need support on the long journey. Relationships change and evolve, sometimes an outside perspective is what we need to remember the joy of our connection and grow from the challenges.

We offer individual therapy for people who want to strengthen the relationships they already have, or want to improve their relationship-building skills. We use the MVP (motivation, values, performance) intervention, designed to leverage your strengths to address the challenges and deficits you experience. While the focus of this intervention is on your relationships, change begins with you.

Medina Group’s Relationship Consulting is designed to help you live a balanced, sustainable, and rewarding life.


Working with Jay was a real treat! He somehow made exploring life's values an effortless task for my husband and me, which allowed us to delve deeper into our emotional relationship. Jay's big heart combined with his vast experience helping people (and couples) reach their full potential is a win-win! We feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with him. We highly recommend anyone seeking a source of inspiration to meet with Jay!"

—Courtnay Field

To say it simply, Jason gets love.


There’s nobody who could have orchestrated our dream wedding better than he did. His thoughtful guidance and deliberate process in advance of the wedding helped us to not only coordinate our ceremony, but also allowed us to explore our relationship and reminded us just why we were getting married.


Three years after the wedding people are still talking about how amazing the ceremony was. Jason weaved in our personal stories and family experiences that helped get us to where we are, and included everyone attending the ceremony in a touching way, all while making it sincere, authentic, and incredibly meaningful.


Exploring our life’s values, how our individual experiences shape the future we set out to build, and what is most important to focus on as we begin our family are certainly not easy topics to discuss, but with Jason’s support and advice it was an enjoyable experience that brought us closer together and helped us appreciate each other more.


We feel incredibly fortunate to have had Jason lead our wedding. His vast experience helping people, his huge heart, impressive intelligence, and dedicated personal investment into those lucky enough to work with him makes it easy to highly recommend him and his services.”


—Josh Weinberg

Medina Group Consulting