Nesreen Medina, ND, LAC

Dr. Nesreen Medina, Naturopathic Physician and Licensed Acupuncturist, received her doctoral and masters degree from Bastyr University and practices at Holistic Healing Arts in Edmonds, Washington.

Her undergraduate training as an Archaeologist at Washington University-in-St. Louis provided the opportunity to work with paleoethnobotonists and medical anthropologists. Thus began her passion for medical botany and the rich history of medicine among indigenous peoples.

Dr. Medina has a passion for treating individuals on the Autism spectrum. She is a trained practitioner through the Autism Research Institute (formerly Defeat Autism Now!). In addition, she has had extensive training in all aspects related to the Academy of Neurobiology including treatment and management of Lyme, heavy metal and environmental detoxification, neurotherapy, and autonomic resonance testing (ART). Other areas of focus include: chronic diseases and infection, pain management, sleep disturbance, depression, allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, endocrine disorders, diabetes, thyroid conditions, fertility and offers a program for hCG weight loss.

Treatment techniques are as unique as every individual and include but aren’t limited to: education in low toxicity living, physical medicine, craniosacral therapy, therapeutic massage, botanicals, homeopathics, and vitamin/mineral supplementation. Acupuncture techniques include: Traditional Chinese Medical diagnosis and treatment, AcuTonics, Mei Zen® cosmetic acupuncture, fertility, prenatal and conception acupuncture, labor induction/contraction augmentation (house calls available), TuiNa massage, moxa, cupping and electrodermal stimulation.

We are all unique, and through thoughtful listening and discussion, you have ample time with Dr. Medina to share your unique path that has brought you to the present.

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